Venice ITALY Grand Canal Mall INSPIRED


Mozzafiato is envisioned to embody a boating lifestyle. Where the lake provides the recreational venue for a variety of watersports activities.

Project Description: A proposed development that will include distinct residential, marina, and commercial areas anchored by the site’s unique topography and vegetation, and its close proximity to Taal Lake.

Project Concept: A lakeshore resort community.

Meaning of Name: Mozzafiato, It., “breathtaking”

Location: Barangay Palsara, Barangay Makina, Barangay Alangilan, Balete Batangas

Access: Via the South Luzon Expressway in Santo Tomas, Batangas through the STAR toll gate via the Balete exit.

Travel Time / Distance:
*Makati to Mozzafiato – 1 hour and 15 minutes / 83 kms
*Balete Star Tollgate to Mozzafiato – 10 minutes / 9.6 kms
*Lipa to Mozzafiato – 15 minutes / 16 kms
*Mozzafiato to Robinson Lipa – 20 minutes / 14.8 kms

Our Lady of Fatima School
Balete Fire Station
Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Chapel
Cintai Carito’s Garden
Balete Municipal Police Station
Marian Orchard
Nayomi Sanctuary Resort
Cyber Kid Learning Center
Palsara Municipal Health Center
Gross Land Area: 77.3 Hectares

Elevation: 156 meters (highest point), 512 feet

Residential Component: Alta Del Lago

Meaning of Name: Alta Del Lago, It., “Above the lake”

Total Number of Lots:
(Residential subdivision component)
370 resident lots
45 commercial lots

Residential Lot Size: 400 sq. m. to 1,000 sq. m.

Features and Amenities:
(Residential subdivision component)
To include proposed clubhouse, basketball court / tennis court, swimming pool, park, nature trails, entrance gates.

Youtube: Taal Lake Balete Batangas

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